Top 1 Reaction: Man City vs Man Utd LIVE – Foden and Haaland’s Goals Dominate the Premier League – An Ultimate Triumph!

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Brief overview of the Man City vs Man Utd match

In Manchester, England, the 192nd edition of the Manchester derby concluded, providing a clear insight into the current standing of the city’s premier football clubs. Despite an early setback with Marcus Rashford’s remarkable goal, Manchester City displayed dominance throughout the match at the Etihad Stadium, securing a 3-1 victory and maintaining their pursuit of a historic fourth consecutive Premier League title. In contrast, Manchester United, under the management of Erik ten Hag, opted for a defensive strategy in an attempt to rival their formidable neighbors. However, the calculated defensive approach proved insufficient as they still suffered a convincing defeat.

Under the tactical prowess of Pep Guardiola, Manchester City showcased their resilience and skill, highlighting their prowess in overcoming challenges. The match emphasized the considerable gap that exists between the two Manchester giants, with City demonstrating their superiority on the field. Despite the ambitions of new United investor Sir Jim Ratcliffe to dethrone City and claim the top spot, the match’s outcome suggested that such aspirations may be a distant goal for now. As City sits just one point behind the league leaders Liverpool, with a challenging fixture against them at Anfield looming, the possibility of City reclaiming the top position by the end of the season remains very much alive.

Despite Erik ten Hag’s insistence post-match that the game’s closeness might have been underestimated, even the most ardent Manchester United supporter would find it challenging to accept such an assessment following yet another disappointing derby outcome. In the aftermath of the match, Ten Hag attempted to downplay the apparent gap between the two teams, emphasizing the multitude of injury issues his squad faced. He argued that despite these challenges, there were moments where United had the chance to turn the tide and secure a more favorable result.

According to Ten Hag, the result doesn’t necessarily indicate a significant disparity between the teams. He pointed to the numerous injury challenges that United grappled with during the match and highlighted a specific debatable moment where a second goal could have altered the outcome. The manager stressed the narrow margins, expressing belief in United’s competitiveness when operating with a fully fit squad. Despite referencing a closely contested cup final against City in the previous season, Ten Hag acknowledged the current supremacy of City, labeling them as the best team globally and urging not to overlook this fact.

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Erik ten Hag highlighted a substantial injury list, including players like Rasmus Højlund, Lisandro Martínez, and Luke Shaw, as a crucial factor compelling him to field Bruno Fernandes and Scott McTominay in unconventional forward roles. However, even against a Manchester City team keen on closing gaps and executing quick breaks, the difference in quality was evident. Despite going into halftime trailing 1-0 due to Marcus Rashford’s spectacular goal, the statistics painted a clear picture of City’s dominance, with 203 passes in the final third compared to a mere 17 from United.

City had to wait until the final 10 minutes to secure a definitive victory, but the stark contrast in shot attempts underscored their control, concluding the game with 27 shots on goal while United managed only three. Erik ten Hag, despite acknowledging City’s superiority, argued that football is not solely about possession. He pointed to United’s brilliant goal and highlighted the initial 20 minutes where they had additional opportunities. Ten Hag maintained that his team defended admirably without possession and believed that, despite the result, the defining moments were not in United’s favor, expressing the belief that they were close to securing a win or at least a draw.

Yet, for the majority of spectators in the stadium, there appeared to be a significant divide between the two teams. Despite Manchester City’s overall prowess, this season has seen them face challenges, and in the Premier League, they found themselves needing to stage a comeback after conceding the first goal for the 12th time. Remarkably, only Liverpool has managed to recover more than City’s 21 points from losing positions.

During a moment of visible frustration, Pep Guardiola took the unusual step of addressing a ball boy near the benches, urging a quicker retrieval of the ball. However, amid the chaos and tension inherent in a derby, Guardiola’s team exhibited remarkable patience, and this persistence eventually paid dividends. Despite the hurdles, City’s ability to stay composed and focused underscored their resilience and determination on the field.

The standout performer on the field, Phil Foden, showcased his brilliance by finding the net in the 56th and 80th minutes of the game. Despite missing a golden opportunity from close range in the first half, Erling Haaland redeemed himself in stoppage time, securing the points for Manchester City after substitute Sofyan Amrabat’s error led to Rodri’s interception. The result wasn’t an exaggeration of City’s dominance, leaving Guardiola contemplating that his team could have added more goals to their tally.

This victory marks Manchester City’s third consecutive home league derby win, a feat not achieved since 1955. The aggregate score of these victories stands at an impressive 13-5. Phil Foden, who had previously netted a hat trick in the last season’s fixture, continued his derby prowess by contributing five goals across these three consecutive wins at home.

The consistency in performance, particularly in home derbies, reflects City’s formidable presence and goal-scoring proficiency. Guardiola’s team has not only secured vital points but has done so with a significant goal margin, showcasing their sustained excellence on the domestic front.

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Pep Guardiola expressed high praise for Phil Foden, acknowledging him as one of the best players in the Premier League this season. Guardiola’s confidence in Foden’s goal-scoring abilities has been affirmed, and he highlighted the player’s current impact in not just scoring goals but also contributing to the team’s victories. Guardiola emphasized Foden’s exceptional work ethic, describing how the young talent’s dedication to the game is translating into crucial match-winning performances, marking a crucial step towards becoming a world-class player.

For Manchester City, this win serves as an ideal commencement to a challenging stretch of fixtures, including clashes against fellow title contenders Liverpool and Arsenal before the end of March. Despite facing Liverpool in the upcoming week after their Champions League round-of-16 second leg against FC Copenhagen, Guardiola dismissed the notion that the game would be an early decider for the title. He emphasized that there are still numerous points to be contested, and the Premier League race remains wide open, with several contenders vying for the top spot. In contrast, Manchester United finds themselves once again grappling with questions about how to bridge the gap and secure a title.

The victory against Manchester United not only boosts City’s confidence but also sets the stage for critical upcoming matches that will test their mettle in the race for the Premier League title. Guardiola’s pragmatic approach acknowledges the unpredictable nature of the competition, emphasizing the importance of each remaining game in determining the ultimate winner.

How many goals has Haaland scored in Premier League?

Erling Haaland has been on fire in the Premier League this season! As of now, he has 17 goals in 21 matches during the 2023/2024 season. Out of these, 9 goals were scored at home, while 8 goals were netted during away games. His impressive goals-per-90-minutes ratio stands at 0.88.

Moreover, Haaland has broken records! He surpassed the legendary Alan Shearer and Andy Cole by scoring 35 goals in 31 Premier League games, setting a new standard for most goals in a single Premier League season.

His remarkable performance has made him a force to be reckoned with on the pitch! 

How many Premier League goals does Foden have?

Phil Foden, the talented midfielder from Manchester City, has been making waves in the Premier League this season! As of now, he has scored 9 goals in 26 matches during the 2023/2024 season. Out of these, 3 goals were netted at home, while he scored 6 goals during away games. His impressive goals-per-90-minutes ratio stands at 0.38.

Additionally, Foden’s total G/A (goals + assists) for this season is 16. His contributions on the field have been crucial for Manchester City’s success. Keep an eye on this rising star! 

Phil Foden’s impact on Manchester City

Phil Foden, the young and dynamic midfielder, has left an indelible mark on Manchester City. His impact extends beyond the pitch, captivating fans and pundits alike. Let’s delve into the facets of his influence:

  1. Creative Maestro: Foden’s vision and deft ball control breathe life into Manchester City’s midfield. His ability to thread precise passes, unlock defenses, and orchestrate play has elevated the team’s attacking prowess.

  2. Homegrown Hero: Born and raised in Manchester, Foden embodies the club’s ethos. His journey from the academy to the first team symbolizes the importance of nurturing local talent. Fans resonate with his passion for the sky-blue jersey.

  3. Big-Game Performer: When the stakes are high, Foden thrives. Whether it’s a crucial league match or a European clash, he steps up. His memorable goals against top rivals have etched his name in City’s folklore.

  4. Versatility: Foden seamlessly adapts to various roles. He can operate as an attacking midfielder, a winger, or even a false nine. His versatility provides tactical flexibility for Pep Guardiola.

  5. Leadership Potential: Despite his youth, Foden exudes leadership qualities. His work rate, commitment, and humility set an example for teammates. As he matures, he could wear the captain’s armband.

  6. Silverware Collector: Foden has already tasted success, lifting Premier League titles, domestic cups, and the elusive Champions League. His hunger for more trophies fuels City’s ambitions.

In summary, Phil Foden isn’t just a player; he’s a symbol of Manchester City’s identity—a blend of skill, heart, and unwavering loyalty. The Etihad faithful eagerly await his next magical moment.

Erling Haaland’s contributions in the match

Let’s delve into Erling Haaland’s impact during the match:

  1. Clinical Finishing: Haaland showcased his lethal goal-scoring ability. His positioning inside the box was impeccable, and he capitalized on every opportunity. The net rippled twice as he expertly converted chances.

  2. Hold-Up Play: Haaland’s physical presence disrupted the opponent’s defense. He shielded the ball effectively, allowing teammates to join the attack. His link-up play was crucial in building attacking sequences.

  3. Off-the-Ball Movement: Watch closely, and you’ll notice Haaland’s intelligent runs. He exploited gaps, pulled defenders out of position, and created space for others. His movement off the ball is a key asset.

  4. Pressing and Defensive Contribution: Haaland isn’t just an offensive threat. He pressed high up the pitch, harrying opponents and forcing turnovers. His defensive work rate adds balance to the team.

  5. Aerial Dominance: During set pieces, Haaland’s towering presence posed problems for the opposing defense. His header from a corner found the back of the net—a testament to his aerial prowess.

  6. Team Spirit: Beyond individual brilliance, Haaland celebrated with teammates, encouraged them, and displayed camaraderie. His positive energy reverberated through the squad.

In summary, Erling Haaland’s performance was a symphony of goals, teamwork, and determination. He left an indelible mark on the match, and fans eagerly await his next virtuoso display.


In conclusion, the Manchester derby between City and United unfolded as a riveting spectacle, leaving an indelible mark on the Premier League landscape. Foden and Haaland’s exceptional performances not only dominated the game but underscored the profound influence individual brilliance can have on a match of this magnitude. City’s ultimate triumph showcased their strategic brilliance, resilience, and unwavering pursuit of success in the league.

As the dust settles on this clash, it becomes evident that the Premier League title race is heating up. City’s three consecutive home league derby wins, with a cumulative scoreline of 13-5, signify their strong contention for the championship. However, Ten Hag’s United, despite facing challenges and injury setbacks, exhibited glimpses of resilience and potential.

Looking ahead, the footballing world eagerly anticipates the upcoming fixtures, particularly City’s challenging encounters with Liverpool and Arsenal. While this victory positions City favorably, the unpredictable nature of football and the competitive spirit among the top contenders keep the title race wide open. The Manchester derby, with its intense moments and standout performances, adds another chapter to the rich history of football rivalries, leaving fans eagerly awaiting the next chapter in this gripping narrative.


Q: What made Foden and Haaland’s performances stand out in the Manchester derby?

A: Foden and Haaland showcased exceptional skills and contributed decisive goals, dominating the match and leaving a lasting impact on the Premier League landscape.

Q: How did Manchester City’s strategic brilliance contribute to their ultimate triumph?

A: City’s resilience, strategic brilliance, and unwavering pursuit of success were key factors in their ultimate triumph, highlighting their determination and proficiency on the field.

Q: What is the significance of City’s three consecutive home league derby wins?

A: City’s achievement marks their longest run since 1955, emphasizing their dominance in home derbies and strengthening their position in the Premier League title race.

Q: How did injuries affect Manchester United’s lineup in the derby?

A: A lengthy injury list, including players like Rasmus Højlund, Lisandro Martínez, and Luke Shaw, compelled United’s manager Erik ten Hag to field unconventional forward roles for Bruno Fernandes and Scott McTominay.

Q: What is the outlook for Manchester City in the upcoming challenging fixtures against Liverpool and Arsenal?

A: City’s victory sets the stage for challenging encounters with Liverpool and Arsenal, crucial fixtures that will test their mettle in the race for the Premier League title.

Q: How did Pep Guardiola assess the performance of Phil Foden in the derby?

A: Guardiola praised Foden, acknowledging him as one of the best in the Premier League this season, emphasizing his work ethic, goal-scoring abilities, and impact in winning crucial games.

Q: Is the Manchester derby result considered an early title decider by Pep Guardiola?

A: No, Guardiola rejected the idea of the game against Liverpool being an early title decider, emphasizing that there are still numerous points to be contested, and the Premier League race remains open for all contenders.

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