Pitt Snaps No. 21 Virginia’s 23-Game Home Winning Streak with 74-63 Amazing Victory; Blake Hinson Scores 27

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The Streak Breaker: Pitt’s Remarkable Performance

Pitt’s remarkable performance in breaking No. 21 Virginia’s 23-game home winning streak was nothing short of extraordinary. From the opening tip-off to the final buzzer, Pitt showcased a perfect blend of skill, determination, and strategic prowess on the basketball court. The game unfolded as a testament to the team’s resilience, with key moments highlighting their ability to seize opportunities and overcome adversity. Blake Hinson’s stellar 27-point contribution played a pivotal role in this triumph, solidifying his status as a standout player and a driving force behind Pitt’s historic victory.

In Charlottesville, Virginia, Blake Hinson displayed an impressive performance by scoring 27 points and contributing to Pittsburgh‘s success with five of their 14 3-pointers. The surging Panthers managed to halt No. 21 Virginia’s impressive 23-game home winning streak, securing a notable 74-63 victory on Tuesday night.

Hinson’s impact was particularly pronounced in the second half, where he added 18 points to his impressive tally. Alongside him, Jaland Lowe finished with 12 points for the Panthers, who currently hold a record of 16-8, with a 7-6 standing in the Atlantic Coast Conference. This victory marked Pittsburgh’s fourth consecutive win and their sixth triumph in seven games, solidifying their position and enhancing their chances for consideration in the upcoming NCAA Tournament.

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Reflecting on the team’s performance, Pitt coach Jeff Capel expressed pride in their growth and resilience, emphasizing their ability to embrace the challenges. This victory also marked the Panthers’ fifth ACC road win since January, showcasing their competitiveness away from home. Notably, it was their second triumph against a ranked team, with the first being an 80-76 victory against No. 7 Duke on January 20. This win was significant, breaking a 24-game losing streak against ranked opponents and further highlighting Pittsburgh’s determination to succeed in challenging matchups.

Capel pointed out, “In the initial stages of conference play, we had several key players who were logging significant minutes but hadn’t experienced the challenges of the ACC gauntlet. While we exhibited a strong work ethic and played with intensity, there was a notable gap in our understanding of how to navigate and truly fight through the demanding scenarios presented by ACC competition.”

The Panthers concluded the game with just eight turnovers, translating to a mere four points for Virginia. Coach Capel commended the team, stating, “Our guys performed admirably. They demonstrated a hunger for possession, responding effectively to pressure situations and executing plays.” This disciplined ball control contributed significantly to Pittsburgh’s success against a formidable opponent.

Reece Beekman led the scoring for Virginia with 19 points, but the Cavaliers’ typically robust defense struggled to contain Pittsburgh. The Panthers, displaying an unconventional strategy, attempted 32 of their 58 shots from beyond the 3-point line. This strategic move caught Virginia off guard, resulting in the end of their eight-game winning streak and a notable disruption to their impressive 48-game streak of holding ACC opponents under 70 points at home.

Virginia coach Tony Bennett acknowledged the challenges posed by Pittsburgh, commenting, “They’re a tough team to defend. They came prepared, exhibited toughness, and played a physical game. Handling their ball screens proved to be a significant challenge for us.” Bennett’s assessment reflects the impact of Pittsburgh’s strategic approach and physical playstyle, which ultimately proved effective in overcoming Virginia’s traditionally stout defense.

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The Panthers found themselves trailing 49-47, but a pivotal moment came with Hinson’s 3-pointer, igniting a game-changing 17-5 run. Hinson showcased his scoring prowess with two more 3-pointers, complemented by one from Lowe. This offensive surge propelled Pitt to a commanding 64-54 lead with 6:30 remaining, and despite Virginia’s efforts, they couldn’t make a significant comeback in the remaining time.

Coach Bennett expressed his hope that the recent winning streak would serve as a confidence booster for his team, despite the end of various remarkable streaks. He emphasized the need for a resilient mindset, stating, “Even in the midst of a winning stretch, you always start anew. Every game and every practice require us to reevaluate our willingness to give our best and be as tough-minded as possible. Success should not soften us, and setbacks should not discourage us.”

The opening 10 minutes of the game were characterized by crisp play, with neither team committing a turnover, and the Panthers held a narrow 22-18 lead. However, Virginia responded with a 16-6 run, seizing a 31-30 lead and keeping Pitt scoreless for over four minutes. The half concluded with the Panthers scoring the last five points, highlighting the ebb and flow of momentum in the game.

Beekman reflected on the team’s performance, acknowledging a momentary lapse, stating, “We kind of drifted apart on both sides of the ball, and that hurt us. So, you know, you just got to learn to stick together and, you know, do what we do.” This self-awareness and commitment to unity in challenging times underline the Cavaliers’ resilience and determination to learn from their experiences on the court.

In the matchup against the 15th-ranked 3-point defense in the nation, Pittsburgh’s Panthers demonstrated their offensive prowess. Pitt, leading the ACC with an impressive average of 9.13 3-pointers per game, wasted no time in showcasing their sharpshooting abilities, sinking their ninth 3-pointer just 18 seconds into the second half. This early success against a formidable defense underscored the Panthers’ proficiency from beyond the arc.

On the Virginia side, the Cavaliers entered the game as an AP Top 25 team for the first time since December 19, when they faced Memphis. However, their recent stints in the rankings have been short-lived, with neither lasting more than a week. In their two prior appearances this season, Virginia was ranked No. 24 when they suffered a 65-41 defeat to Wisconsin in a Florida tournament and No. 22 when they were convincingly beaten 77-54 at Memphis. Notably, all six of their losses this season have come by double figures, highlighting the challenges they’ve faced against formidable opponents.


In a riveting clash that defied expectations, Pitt’s stunning victory over No. 21 Virginia not only marked the end of the Cavaliers’ 23-game home winning streak but also served as a testament to the Panthers’ mettle and strategic brilliance. Led by Blake Hinson’s stellar performance, Pitt showcased a blend of skill, resilience, and determination that solidified their standing in the Atlantic Coast Conference. The triumph, fueled by a disciplined approach and key strategic decisions, underscores Pitt’s emergence as a force to be reckoned with, breaking barriers and setting the stage for a promising journey in the NCAA Tournament.

While Virginia faced a setback in their impressive home streak, the defeat serves as a catalyst for reflection and growth. Coach Tony Bennett’s acknowledgment of the challenges posed by Pitt indicates a readiness to learn and adapt. As both teams navigate the aftermath of this intense matchup, the lessons learned and the resilience displayed on the court are poised to shape their future performances, adding layers of significance to this game beyond the scoreline.


What was the key factor in Pitt’s historic victory over No. 21 Virginia?

Pitt’s remarkable performance was characterized by a perfect blend of skill, determination, and strategic prowess on the basketball court. Key moments highlighted the team’s resilience and ability to seize opportunities, with Blake Hinson’s stellar 27-point contribution playing a pivotal role.

How did Pitt’s strategic approach contribute to their success against Virginia?

Pitt displayed a disciplined ball control, concluding the game with just eight turnovers and translating them into a mere four points for Virginia. Additionally, their unconventional strategy, attempting 32 shots from beyond the 3-point line, caught Virginia off guard, leading to the end of the Cavaliers’ eight-game winning streak.

What milestones did Pitt achieve with this victory?

This triumph marked Pittsburgh’s fourth consecutive win, their sixth triumph in seven games, and their second against a ranked team this season. The win against No. 21 Virginia broke a 24-game losing streak against ranked opponents and enhanced their standing in the Atlantic Coast Conference.

How did Blake Hinson’s performance impact the game, especially in the second half?

Hinson’s impact was pronounced in the second half, contributing 18 points to his impressive tally. Together with Jaland Lowe, who finished with 12 points, they played a crucial role in securing Pitt’s victory, solidifying their record of 16-8 with a 7-6 standing in the ACC.

What challenges did Virginia face in defending against Pitt’s strategy?

Virginia coach Tony Bennett acknowledged the toughness of defending against Pitt, citing their preparedness, toughness, and physical playstyle. Handling Pitt’s ball screens posed a significant challenge for Virginia, ultimately impacting their traditionally stout defense.

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