Spencer Dinwiddie Joins Lakers Following Successful Waiver Clearance – 2024

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Spencer Dinwiddie joining the Lakers

In a significant move that reverberated across the NBA, free agent guard Spencer Dinwiddie officially inked a deal with the Los Angeles Lakers, as confirmed by the team after successfully clearing waivers on a Saturday. Hailing from Los Angeles and at 30 years old, Dinwiddie’s return to his hometown holds a special significance, marking a pivotal moment in his professional journey. The recent trade that brought him from the Brooklyn Nets to the Raptors, involving Dennis Schroder and Thaddeus Young, culminated in his subsequent release by Toronto, paving the way for his return to the Lakers.

Lakers’ Vice President of Basketball Operations and General Manager, Rob Pelinka, expressed enthusiasm about Dinwiddie’s homecoming, stating, “Spencer is returning to his roots and the city where his journey began.” Pelinka went on to highlight Dinwiddie’s play-making skills and aggressiveness, underscoring the valuable depth he brings to the team, particularly as they intensify their efforts in the latter part of the season. The symbolic significance of Dinwiddie donning the iconic Lakers uniform in front of family and friends adds a layer of excitement, and Pelinka emphasized the veteran’s wealth of experience and proven success in postseason play.

Having spent a decade in the league, Dinwiddie attended the Lakers’ recent victory against the New Orleans Pelicans, accompanied by his agent, Jason Glushon. The 139-122 win was witnessed from a lower-level luxury suite alongside Pelinka. Post-game, Dinwiddie engaged with Lakers players and coaches in the locker room, solidifying his integration into the team. D’Angelo Russell, a former teammate from their time together in Brooklyn, had hinted at the inevitability of this move, further fueling anticipation around Dinwiddie’s impact on the Lakers’ dynamic as they navigate the remainder of the season.

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Expressing his admiration, D’Angelo Russell shared his enthusiasm with ESPN, stating, “I’m a fan. But you all will get to know him soon.” This hinting at the intriguing personality of Spencer Dinwiddie, leaving room for fans and observers to anticipate more about the player as he embarks on this new chapter with the Los Angeles Lakers.

Dinwiddie’s recent performance with the Brooklyn Nets showcased his capabilities, averaging 12.6 points on 39.1% shooting (32% from 3) and contributing 6.0 assists across 48 games this season. These statistics underscore his versatility and skill set, laying the groundwork for what he could potentially bring to the Lakers.

When questioned about the addition of Dinwiddie to the Lakers, LeBron James emphasized the valuable elements he could introduce to the team. James highlighted Dinwiddie’s playmaking abilities, identifying him as another ball handler and shot-maker, emphasizing the significance of adding a seasoned veteran with such skills to the roster. The anticipation around what Dinwiddie can contribute to the team’s dynamics is palpable, as the Lakers aim to fortify their position in the league.

Adding to the endorsements, Anthony Davis spoke highly of Dinwiddie, acknowledging his stature as a big guard, shot-maker, and playmaker. Drawing attention to Dinwiddie’s impactful performances with Brooklyn and Dallas, Davis emphasized the well-established reputation that the 6-foot-5 player has carved out in the league. These endorsements from key players within the Lakers organization further fuel expectations about Dinwiddie’s potential contributions and impact on the team’s performance.

In the process of determining his NBA fate, Spencer Dinwiddie found himself at a crossroads, narrowing down his options to either reuniting with the Mavericks or making a return to his hometown. Ultimately, as per sources, the decision tilted in favor of the latter, and Dinwiddie opted to join the Los Angeles Lakers. This choice was informed by a combination of factors, including personal ties and, undoubtedly, strategic considerations aligned with the Lakers’ current needs and aspirations.

Financial details reveal that Dinwiddie’s move to the Lakers comes with a compensation of approximately $1.5 million for the remainder of the season, a figure negotiated and finalized through the intricate dynamics of NBA contracts. Notably, the Lakers managed to offer a slightly higher amount than the prorated veterans minimum, leveraging additional salary savings accrued when Gabe Vincent signed at a rate below the full midlevel exception.

Rob Pelinka, the Lakers’ Vice President of Basketball Operations and General Manager, had previously pledged an “aggressive” approach in navigating the buyout market following a relatively quiet trade deadline. The Lakers, having maintained an open roster spot, seamlessly secured Dinwiddie without the need for any player adjustments. This strategic acquisition becomes even more crucial considering the team’s current challenges, with Gabe Vincent sidelined due to a knee injury and notable absentees like Cam Reddish (knee) and Max Christie (ankle). Dinwiddie, at the very least, injects valuable roster depth, offering a potential solution to the team’s injury-riddled situation.

Is Spencer Dinwiddie a good defender?

In evaluating Spencer Dinwiddie’s prowess as a defender, it’s essential to consider the broader context of the NBA landscape shift Spencer Dinwiddie has experienced, particularly with his recent move to the Los Angeles Lakers. Dinwiddie, known for his offensive capabilities and strategic playmaking, brings a multifaceted skill set to the table. While his defensive contributions might not be as prominent as his offensive prowess, it’s crucial to recognize the evolving dynamics of the NBA and how Dinwiddie’s role can adapt to fit the Lakers’ needs.

The NBA landscape shift Spencer Dinwiddie underwent includes his transition from the Brooklyn Nets to the Toronto Raptors and, subsequently, his decision to join the Lakers. This sequence of events provides a unique backdrop to assess Dinwiddie’s defensive capabilities in different team contexts. While not traditionally recognized as a standout defender, Dinwiddie’s adaptability and basketball IQ allow him to contribute on the defensive end, showcasing his commitment to being a well-rounded player.

As the Lakers aim to solidify their position in the league, Dinwiddie’s defensive contributions become even more pertinent. The team, undergoing its own transformations, seeks a balance between offensive firepower and defensive stability. While the focus on Dinwiddie often centers around his offensive impact, his ability to adapt to the Lakers’ defensive strategies will play a crucial role in determining his overall impact on the team. The NBA landscape shift Spencer Dinwiddie has undergone opens the door to new opportunities for him to showcase his defensive capabilities within the Lakers’ system, potentially altering the perception of his defensive prowess in the broader context of the evolving league dynamics.


In conclusion, Spencer Dinwiddie’s move to the Lakers is more than a player transition; it’s a strategic decision that has captivated fans and analysts alike. As the NBA season unfolds, all eyes will be on how this dynamic player contributes to the Lakers’ success.


Q: How has the NBA landscape shift impacted Spencer Dinwiddie’s defensive role with the Los Angeles Lakers?

A: Explore the changes in Dinwiddie’s defensive responsibilities following his move from the Brooklyn Nets to the Toronto Raptors and eventually to the Lakers, considering the evolving dynamics of the NBA landscape.

Q: Is Spencer Dinwiddie known for his defensive prowess, and how does it complement his offensive skills?

A: Delve into Dinwiddie’s reputation as a player, with a focus on understanding how his defensive capabilities align with his well-known offensive prowess, providing a holistic view of his overall impact on the court.

Q: What strategic considerations led to the Lakers’ acquisition of Spencer Dinwiddie, and how does his defensive versatility fit into their game plan?

A: Investigate the Lakers’ rationale behind acquiring Dinwiddie, emphasizing the strategic aspects that contributed to this decision, and analyze how his defensive versatility aligns with the team’s overarching game plan.

Q: In what ways has the recent NBA trade deadline and buyout market influenced Spencer Dinwiddie’s role in the Lakers’ defensive strategy?

A: Explore the broader league context, considering the impact of the trade deadline and the subsequent buyout market on Dinwiddie’s defensive role within the Lakers, shedding light on any adjustments or adaptations made.

Q: Can Spencer Dinwiddie’s defensive contributions address the Lakers’ current challenges with injuries and roster depth?

A: Evaluate Dinwiddie’s potential impact on addressing the Lakers’ challenges, particularly in terms of injuries and roster depth, and assess how his defensive contributions could play a crucial role in fortifying the team’s overall performance.

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