5 Surprising Revelations About Kendall Roy: Unveiling the Secrets of a Captivating Figure

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Who is Kendall Roy?

Kendall Roy, a complex character in HBO’s satirical dark comedy-drama “Succession,” hails from the influential Roy family, owners of the global media giant, Waystar RoyCo. As the presumed heir, Kendall grapples with high-stakes business deals, battles with drug addiction, and navigates the complexities of his relationship with his ex-wife, Rava. Following his father Logan’s retirement, Kendall steps into the role of acting CEO, while his brother Roman assumes the position of COO. His portrayal in the series has earned him prestigious awards, including the Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Television Series Drama and the Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series.

Kendall Roy’s character arc in “Succession” showcases the intricate dynamics of power, privilege, and personal struggle within the backdrop of a wealthy and dysfunctional family empire. As he grapples with the weight of familial expectations and corporate intrigue, Kendall’s journey is marked by moments of triumph and turmoil, drawing audiences into the compelling narrative of ambition and betrayal. Through his nuanced performance, Kendall’s portrayal resonates with viewers, earning critical acclaim and accolades for his portrayal of a character torn between loyalty, ambition, and personal demons.

How would you describe Kendall Roy?


Kendall Logan Roy stands as the central character in HBO’s acclaimed satirical dark comedy-drama, “Succession,” skillfully brought to life by the talented actor Jeremy Strong. Under the creative vision of showrunner Jesse Armstrong, Kendall emerges as a multifaceted individual whose complexities drive the narrative forward with gripping intensity.

Hailing from the illustrious Roy family, owners of the global media powerhouse Waystar RoyCo, Kendall navigates a world of immense privilege and pressure. As the heir apparent to the family empire led by his father, Logan Roy, Kendall grapples with the weight of expectation, striving to prove himself worthy amidst a backdrop of high-stakes deals, personal demons, and fractured relationships, notably with his estranged wife Rava.

Kendall’s journey takes a pivotal turn when the mantle of CEO appears within his reach following Logan’s retirement. However, his aspirations are met with unexpected challenges as Logan’s decision to prolong his tenure ignites a fierce power struggle within the family hierarchy. Despite the tumultuous dynamics, Kendall’s portrayal by Jeremy Strong earns widespread acclaim, with accolades such as the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series and the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor – Television Series Drama, solidifying his status as a standout character in the realm of modern television

Kendall Roy actor age, height, and net worth

Jeremy Strong, the accomplished actor, was born on Christmas Day in 1978 and spent his formative years in Jamaica Plain, a humble neighborhood in Boston. Growing up amidst the backdrop of a working-class environment, Strong’s early experiences likely shaped his perspective and approach to his craft.

Standing at a height of approximately 5 feet 10 inches (179 cm), Jeremy possesses a commanding presence both on and off the screen. Beyond his physical stature, Strong’s talent and dedication to his craft have propelled him to the upper echelons of the entertainment industry.

While various factors contribute to Jeremy Strong’s net worth, including his stake in Waystar Royco and personal investments, projections suggest it could reach around $1.2 billion by 2024. This substantial figure underscores not only his financial success but also his astute business acumen and strategic investments in diverse ventures.

What happens to Kendall Roy in Succession?

In the culmination of “Succession,” Kendall Roy’s character arc takes a poignant turn, encapsulating the essence of his tumultuous journey throughout the series. Portrayed with depth by Jeremy Strong, Kendall grapples with the weight of expectation as the heir apparent to the Roy family’s media empire, facing internal and external struggles that shape his fate.

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Throughout the series, Kendall’s challenges are multifaceted, from proving his worth to his formidable father, Logan Roy, to battling personal demons such as substance abuse and navigating strained relationships, notably with his estranged wife, Rava, and their children. These complexities underscore the depth of Kendall’s character and the layers of conflict that define his narrative.

In the series finale, titled “With Open Eyes,” Kendall’s fate reaches a climactic moment as he reminisces on a poignant memory of his father promising him the kingdom at the tender age of seven. This memory symbolizes both the foundation of Kendall’s ambition and the shackles of his destiny. While Kendall’s physical demise is not depicted, his symbolic fall from grace is palpable, marking the end of his journey in a state of limbo, suspended between hope and despair, life and death. Like the river that serves as a recurring motif throughout his story, Kendall’s fate remains fluid, leaving audiences to contemplate the depths of his character and the consequences of his choices.

In short, Kendall Roy’s portrayal in “Succession” is a testament to the complexities of human nature and the intricacies of power dynamics within familial and corporate settings. Jeremy Strong’s nuanced performance brings Kendall’s struggles, ambitions, and ultimate fate to life, solidifying his legacy as a central figure in the gripping drama of “Succession.”

Who plays Kendall’s wife on Succession?


Rava Roy, portrayed by Natalie Gold, assumes a pivotal role as Kendall Roy’s wife in the acclaimed TV series “Succession.” As the primary caretaker of their children, Sophie and Iverson, Rava embodies a sense of stability amidst the chaos of Kendall’s tumultuous life. Their relationship, however, is marred by the shadows of past struggles, particularly Kendall’s battle with substance abuse.

Initially bound by love and commitment, Rava and Kendall’s marriage begins to unravel as Kendall’s addiction spirals out of control. The strain on their relationship becomes palpable, leading to a rift that deepens over time. Despite Kendall’s genuine desire to mend their fractured bond, Rava remains guarded, expressing little interest beyond occasional sexual encounters.

The complexities of their relationship underscore themes of love, loss, and redemption woven throughout “Succession.” As Kendall grapples with his demons, he finds himself torn between the desire to reconcile with Rava and the harsh reality of their irreconcilable differences. Rava’s portrayal by Natalie Gold adds depth to the narrative, depicting a character grappling with her demons while navigating the complexities of love and family in the unforgiving world of corporate power struggles.

What is the composition of Kendall Roy’s family?

The intricate family dynamics of Kendall Roy, a central character in the TV series “Succession,” offer a rich tapestry of relationships and influences that shape his journey throughout the show.

Kendall Logan Roy emerges as the main protagonist and heir-apparent to the illustrious Roy family empire, led by his father, Logan Roy. Kendall’s life is intricately intertwined with the complexities of proving his worth to his formidable father while grappling with his inner demons, including doubt and substance abuse. His estranged relationship with his wife, Rava Roy, adds another layer of complexity to his narrative, as he navigates the challenges of maintaining familial bonds amidst the cutthroat world of corporate intrigue.

Within the expansive Roy family tree, Kendall’s lineage is delineated, showcasing the various familial connections that influence his world. From his siblings, such as Roman Roy and Siobhan Roy, to his extended family members like his grandmother Helen Roy and his uncle Ewan Roy, Kendall Roy’s familial ties offer insights into the dynamics that shape his character and decisions. Additionally, the inclusion of key figures such as his godfather, Frank Vernon, and his stepmother, Marcia Roy, further enriches the tapestry of relationships that define Kendall’s world.

Kendall Roy’s journey through ambition, family dynamics, and corporate machinations epitomizes the essence of “Succession,” making him a compelling and multifaceted figure whose complexities resonate with audiences. Through his relationships, struggles, and aspirations, Kendall Roy emerges as a central pillar in the intricate web of power, privilege, and ambition that defines the world of “Succession.”

Who is Kendall Roy’s true wife?

In the TV series “Succession,” Rava Roy emerges as a significant figure in the life of Kendall Roy, portrayed by Natalie Gold. Their relationship, however, is far from conventional, characterized by a myriad of challenges and complexities.

Initially, Rava serves as Kendall’s wife and the primary caretaker of their children, Sophie and Iverson. However, their marriage is plagued by the shadow of Kendall’s substance abuse issues, which strain their bond and ultimately lead to their estrangement. Despite their separation, Kendall remains deeply attached to Rava, harboring a genuine desire to reconcile and mend their broken relationship.

The dynamics between Kendall Roy and Rava are fraught with tension, reflecting the intricate layers of their past and the profound impact of Kendall’s actions on their family unit. Despite Kendall’s efforts to reconnect with Rava on an emotional level, her response is limited to sporadic sexual encounters, underscoring the complexity of their relationship and the challenges they face in navigating their shared history.

Rava Roy’s portrayal by Natalie Gold adds depth to the narrative, offering insight into the complexities of love, loss, and reconciliation in the tumultuous world of “Succession.” Her presence serves as a poignant reminder of the human frailties that permeate even the most powerful and privileged families. Through Rava and Kendall’s tumultuous relationship, “Succession” explores the intricacies of love, family, and the enduring quest for redemption amidst the backdrop of corporate power struggles.

What is the latest news regarding Kendall Roy?

Kendall Roy’s fictional residence in the TV series, located at 160 E. 83rd St. in NYC, has been listed for sale. This iconic townhouse featured prominently in “Succession,” is now available for purchase at a staggering price of $18.5 million. Fans of the show have the opportunity to own a piece of its history by acquiring this prestigious property.

Jeremy Strong, renowned for his portrayal of Kendall Roy, is embarking on new ventures beyond “Succession.” Currently, he is headlining the Broadway play “Enemy of the People,” sharing the stage with Michael Imperioli and Victoria Pedretti. Additionally, Strong is set to portray Roy Cohn in the upcoming biographical drama “The Apprentice,” alongside Sebastian Stan as Donald Trump and Maria Bakalova as Ivana Trump. Strong’s determination to break free from the shadow of Kendall Roy has driven him to explore diverse roles, aiming to immerse himself in fresh creative endeavors.

Contrary to popular belief, Jeremy Strong acknowledges the humor embedded within “Succession.” While not inherently drawn to comedic roles, Strong appreciates humor and draws inspiration from comedic legends like Peter Sellers. He emphasizes that he is not the humorless individual he is sometimes perceived to be.

In summary, Kendall Roy’s legacy extends beyond the confines of “Succession,” as evidenced by the real estate listing of his on-screen residence and Jeremy Strong’s foray into new and exciting projects. Despite the challenges of transitioning from an iconic role, Strong’s diverse talents promise a compelling future for fans eager to witness his creative evolution.

How many episodes of Succession have been released so far?

Succession, the American satirical comedy-drama television series, has captivated audiences with a total of 39 episodes spread across four seasons. Here’s a detailed breakdown of each season:

Season 1 (2018): In its inaugural season, Succession introduced viewers to the intricate world of the Roy family and their media conglomerate, Waystar RoyCo. With 10 episodes airing from June 3, 2018, to August 5, 2018, the season laid the foundation for the power struggles and familial tensions that would unfold. Despite initial skepticism, the show garnered an average viewership of 0.603 million, signaling the beginning of its ascent.

Season 2 (2019): The sophomore season of Succession continued to delve deeper into the complexities of the Roy family dynamics. Spanning 10 episodes from August 11, 2019, to October 13, 2019, the season further explored the intricate web of power, privilege, and betrayal. Despite a slight dip in average viewership to 0.597 million, the show maintained its grip on audiences, solidifying its status as a critical and commercial success.

Season 3 (2021): With 9 episodes airing from October 17, 2021, to December 12, 2021, the third season of Succession marked a highly anticipated return after a two-year hiatus. Amidst mounting tensions and escalating conflicts within the Roy family, the season delivered riveting drama and unexpected twists. Despite a slight decline in average viewership to 0.553 million, the show continued to captivate audiences with its compelling narrative and stellar performances.

Season 4 (2023): The most recent installment of Succession, comprising 10 episodes airing from March 26, 2023, to May 28, 2023, offered fans a deeper glimpse into the ruthless world of corporate power and familial betrayal. With an average viewership of 0.705 million, the fourth season further solidified the show’s reputation as a cultural phenomenon, leaving audiences eagerly awaiting its next chapter.

In total, the series has delivered 39 captivating episodes that offer a nuanced exploration of the power struggles, family dynamics, and corporate intrigue within the Roy family and their media empire, Waystar RoyCo. As viewers continue to be enthralled by the saga of Kendall Roy and his family, Succession remains a compelling and essential watch.

What insights were revealed in the Kendall Roy interview?

In a recent interview, Jeremy Strong, the actor renowned for his portrayal of Kendall Roy in the TV series “Succession,” offered profound insights into the character and the underlying themes of the show:

  1. The Literary Reference: During the interview, Strong drew a poignant parallel between Kendall Roy’s journey and the poem “Not Waving but Drowning” by Stevie Smith. He highlighted how the poem’s lines, particularly “I was much further out than you thought and not waving but drowning,” resonate deeply with Kendall Roy’s tragic narrative. This metaphor encapsulates Kendall’s internal turmoil, unattainable love, and profound emotional isolation.

  2. The Tragedy of Kendall Roy: While the literal drowning incident from Season 1 often dominates discussions, Strong emphasized the deeper thematic relevance of the poem to Kendall’s character arc. Kendall Roy’s relentless pursuit of approval from his father, Logan Roy, leads to a spiral of pain, shame, and profound disconnect from those around him. The interview shed light on Kendall’s silent suffering and the weight of familial expectations that suffocate him.

  3. The Silent Scream: Strong delved into the symbolism of a recent scene in the show where Kendall Roy floats on a raft in a pool, with his head slowly sinking beneath the water. This haunting image echoes the theme of silent drowning portrayed in the poem, suggesting that Kendall’s struggles and isolation are perpetual and profound. His tragedy lies in being “much too far out all my life,” unable to find solace or connection amidst the chaos of his family’s empire.

In essence, the interview with Jeremy Strong offered deep insights into Kendall Roy’s complex character, portraying him as a figure trapped in a cycle of internal turmoil, unattainable love, and the suffocating weight of familial expectations. Through the lens of “Not Waving but Drowning,” Kendall’s journey is depicted as a profound exploration of human suffering and the relentless pursuit of validation amidst emotional isolation.

What are the latest trends in Kendall Roy fashion?

Kendall Roy, the enigmatic protagonist of the TV series “Succession,” is renowned for his distinctive and ever-evolving fashion sense, which reflects his character’s complexity and evolution. Here are the latest trends that define his iconic style:

  1. Understated Luxury: Kendall Roy embodies the concept of “stealth wealth” in his wardrobe, opting for pieces that exude opulence without overt branding. His outfits feature luxurious materials and impeccable tailoring, such as plain Maison Margiela T-shirts, suits with understated elegance, and logo-less accessories that subtly convey sophistication.

  2. Sharp Suits and Beige Knits: Initially portrayed in corporate-style suits befitting his role as the heir to Waystar RoyCo, Kendall Roy’s style has evolved to include casual yet luxurious leather and suede jackets. Beige knits have become a signature element of his wardrobe, symbolizing both sophistication and comfort.

  3. Hypebeast-Adjacent Streetwear: Kendall embraces elevated streetwear in his casual attire, often sporting fresh kicks, gold chains, and hypebeast-approved sneakers. Even his basic T-shirts command attention due to their high-quality construction and designer labels.

  4. Iconic Moments: Kendall Roy’s fashion choices have left lasting impressions throughout the series, from his brooding yacht breakdown inexpensive headphones, and sunglasses to his memorable panic attack ensemble at his mother’s wedding. His birthday party attire epitomizes luxury paired with underlying anxiety.

  5. Cool, Subtle, Billionaire Style: Kendall Roy’s fashion persona is characterized by coolness and subtlety, distinct from his relatives such as his buttoned-up brother Roman and bumbling cousin Greg. Whether dressed formally or casually, his outfits always make a statement, reflecting his status as a billionaire with an individualistic flair.

In essence, Kendall Roy’s fashion journey mirrors his internal struggles and evolution, conveying understated yet powerful luxury with a personal touch.


In conclusion, Kendall Roy’s fashion evolution serves as a compelling subplot within the narrative of “Succession,” mirroring his internal conflicts, societal status, and personal growth. His wardrobe choices are not just about style but also about identity and power dynamics within the Roy family and the corporate world. As Kendall Roy navigates the complexities of his relationships, his fashion becomes a visual manifestation of his journey, from the polished heir apparent to the flawed yet resilient individual striving for autonomy and self-actualization.

Moreover, Kendall Roy’s fashion statements transcend mere aesthetics; they speak volumes about his character arc and the themes explored in the series, such as wealth, privilege, ambition, and moral decay. Each outfit reflects his attempt to navigate the delicate balance between asserting his independence and conforming to societal expectations. In essence, Kendall Roy’s fashion choices are a form of self-expression and rebellion against the constraints imposed by his family legacy and corporate environment.

Ultimately, Kendall Roy’s fashion journey is a testament to the nuanced storytelling of “Succession” and the depth of its characters. It highlights the intricacies of human nature and the constant struggle for identity and acceptance, even in a world of luxury and excess. As viewers continue to dissect and analyze Kendall Roy’s fashion evolution, it becomes evident that his sartorial choices are not just threads woven into the fabric of the show but threads that unravel the complex tapestry of his character and the series as a whole.


Q: Why is Kendall Roy’s fashion style significant in “Succession”?

Answer: Kendall Roy’s fashion style is significant in “Succession” because it serves as a visual representation of his character development and internal struggles. As the show progresses, Kendall’s wardrobe evolves, reflecting his journey from a polished corporate heir to a more rebellious and introspective individual. His fashion choices symbolize his attempts to assert his identity and break free from the expectations of his family and the corporate world.

Q: How does Kendall Roy’s fashion reflect his character arc?

Answer: Kendall Roy’s fashion reflects his character arc by mirroring his internal conflicts, societal status, and personal growth. Initially, he is seen in sharp corporate suits, embodying the image of a confident and ambitious heir to the Roy empire. However, as he faces setbacks and personal challenges, his fashion becomes more casual and edgy, symbolizing his rebellion against his family’s expectations and his quest for autonomy.

Q: What are some iconic fashion moments for Kendall Roy in “Succession”?

Answer: Some iconic fashion moments for Kendall Roy in “Succession” include his breakdown on the yacht, where he is seen brooding with inexpensive headphones and sunglasses, and his panic attack at his mother’s wedding, clad in a memorable ensemble. Additionally, his birthday party attire is noteworthy, as it juxtaposes luxury with anxiety, showcasing the complexity of his character.

Q: How do Kendall Roy’s fashion choices reflect the themes of the show?

Answer: Kendall Roy’s fashion choices reflect the themes of wealth, privilege, ambition, and moral decay explored in “Succession.” His wardrobe epitomizes “stealth wealth,” with high-quality materials and impeccable tailoring symbolizing the excesses of the elite. Furthermore, his transition from corporate suits to elevated streetwear mirrors the shifting power dynamics within the Roy family and the corporate world.

Q: What does Kendall Roy’s fashion evolution tell us about his character’s journey?

Answer: Kendall Roy’s fashion evolution tells us about his character’s journey from a confident and ambitious corporate heir to a more introspective and rebellious individual. His changing wardrobe reflects his attempts to break free from the constraints of his family legacy and assert his own identity. Overall, Kendall’s fashion choices serve as a visual narrative of his growth, struggles, and quest for self-actualization throughout the series.

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