Johto’s Grand Finale: 3 Joyful Stages to Make Your Farewell to Pokemon Let’s Go Truly Memorable!

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Overview of Johto’s significance in the Pokemon universe.

I am announcing my official retirement from anticipating a new Pokemon Let’s Go game. The signs have been evident for a while, and our last prime opportunity was today’s Pokemon Presents, which has now come and gone without any mention. Although Let’s Go Johto is on the horizon, it appears to be just beyond our grasp. Despite Pokemon’s diverse range of spin-offs, it seems that Let’s Go won’t be expanding further in this tapestry of adaptations.

The primary hindrance to a potential future Let’s Go installment lies in its name. Despite my perspective of it being a charming recreation of Gen 1 with a more inviting aesthetic and enjoyable reinterpretation of characters and challenges, its initial design always aimed at complementing Pokemon Go. Once a global phenomenon, PoGo now stands as just another mobile game dependent on a select few big spenders. While the Pokemon brand still carries weight, it no longer justifies a Nintendo Switch adaptation any more than an individual attempting to extract gold from a castle by removing bars that trigger lava spillage.

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It doesn’t necessarily have to be closely tied to Pokemon Go. The connection was inconsistent at best, with some starting with PoGo and moving on to Let’s Go. Eventually, Pokemon must recognize its status as the most popular media franchise globally. Let’s Go 2 doesn’t need to integrate with our Pokemon Go catches or rely on a compatible accessory; it can simply be a Johto remake with the familiar catching mechanics, lively aesthetics, and the emphasis on catching and candy.

Amidst numerous Pokemon spin-offs, Nintendo faces limitations in creating them all, often outsourcing development. While eagerly anticipating a new Conquest, disappointed by the lack of New Snap DLC, and expecting a new Mystery Dungeon, Let’s Go is seen by many as a diluted Pokemon experience, especially given the prior remakes of Gold & Silver as HeartGold & SoulSilver. Despite this, it deserves another chance after the beloved reception of the Kanto versions. At least I’m not putting all my hopes in the PokePark basket.

Why Let’s Go Stands Out as One of the Finest Pokemon Games?

I persist in asserting that Let’s Go stands as the ideal starting point for any Pokemon player — exceptionally accessible, brimming with familiar characters and locations, and arguably Pokemon’s most visually impressive game. It remains, in my view, a pivotal contribution to Pokemon’s broader legacy. However, it has become apparent that Nintendo doesn’t share the same sentiment.

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Unless, of course, I include the disclaimer that I reserve the right to come out of retirement when the Switch 2 eventually debuts. This would serve as an ideal showcase for demonstrating the capabilities of the new console’s motion controls. Considering the expected inclusion of motion control and gyro, as insiders depict the Switch 2 as an enhanced version rather than a completely new concept, consoles with motion capabilities typically emphasize this feature strongly at launch, gradually scaling back as they gauge the level of user interest.

We’ve been given a vague 2025 release date for Legends, suggesting it could potentially be the launch title for Pokemon’s Switch 2, bypassing Let’s Go 2. Even if the Switch 2 debuts later in 2025 and Legends becomes the final flourish for the current Switch, there’s little rationale for Pokemon to withhold the announcement of a Switch 2 launch title, especially when everyone is inclined to assume Legends will take on that role.

Pokemon has a history of introducing and then abandoning new ideas, like Megas, Z-Moves, Gigantamax, and many others. However, Legends Z-A is hinting at the revival of Megas, leaving room for unexpected surprises. Perhaps it’s a case of never say never? With this in mind, I’ve circled back to my anticipation for Summer Game Fest and the anticipated reveal of Let’s Go 2! Now, the only quandary remains: Marill or Togepi as my choice?

What Welcomes You to the Pokemon Let’s Go Journey?

In Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee!, the enchanting journey commences in the charming confines of Pallet Town, a quintessential starting point in the Johto region. It is here, amidst the quaint streets, that you embark on your grand adventure under the guidance of the esteemed Professor Oak. Pallet Town sets the stage for your Pokémon journey as you eagerly receive your first Pokémon, marking the commencement of an unforgettable odyssey.

As you step out of your humble abode, the vast and diverse landscapes of Johto unfold before you, beckoning with the promise of exploration. Kanto, with its varied routes, bustling cities, and formidable gyms, becomes the canvas on which your Pokémon dreams will be painted. Traverse through lush meadows, bustling metropolises, and challenging gym battles, all while encountering a myriad of wild Pokémon and engaging in fierce battles with fellow trainers. The journey is not just about conquering gyms and collecting badges; it’s about forging bonds with your Pokémon, experiencing the thrill of discovery, and ultimately striving to ascend to the prestigious title of Pokémon Champion.

In the heart of Johto, your ever-loyal companion, whether it’s the spirited Pikachu or the versatile Eevee, stands as a steadfast ally by your side. Together, you’ll navigate the nostalgic landscapes of Kanto in a reimagined and captivating way. So, seize your trusty Poké Ball, feel the anticipation in the air, and get ready for an immersive journey that will leave an indelible mark on your Pokémon adventure through the splendid region of Johto.

Where Did You Encounter Nostalgic Pokemon in Johto?

In Johto, the region is teeming with nostalgia, and you’ll encounter iconic Pokémon in various memorable locations. Let’s take a stroll down memory lane:

  1. Cherrygrove City: As you venture out from New Bark Town, Cherrygrove City welcomes you. Here, you’ll find Mr. Pokémon’s house, where your journey truly begins. Mr. Pokémon plays a crucial role in the storyline, and his discovery sets the stage for your grand adventure.

  2. Violet City: This charming city is home to the Sprout Tower, where you’ll encounter Bellsprout and Gastly. The tower’s architecture and the sage-like monks inside evoke a sense of nostalgia.

  3. Azalea Town: Here, you’ll discover the Slowpoke Well, infested with Team Rocket members. The well is a nod to the original Pokémon Gold and Silver games, where Team Rocket caused trouble with their Slowpoke tail-cutting scheme.

  4. Goldenrod City: The bustling metropolis of Johto, Goldenrod City, houses the Radio Tower. This iconic building plays a significant role in the game, and its rooftop is where you’ll encounter the elusive Eevee (if you’re lucky!).

  5. Ecruteak City: The Burned Tower stands as a relic of the past, where you’ll encounter the legendary Ho-Oh or Lugia, depending on your version. The eerie atmosphere and the history behind the tower add to the nostalgia.

  6. Olivine City: The Glitter Lighthouse is a beacon of hope, and climbing to the top rewards you with the Ampharosite. The soothing music and the view of the sea evoke feelings of nostalgia.

  7. Cianwood City: The Cianwood Gym is where you’ll face Chuck, the Fighting-type Gym Leader. The tranquil island setting and the challenge of the gym battle bring back memories of the original games.

  8. Mahogany Town: The Lake of Rage is a central location in Johto. Here, you’ll encounter the Red Gyarados, a powerful and rare Pokémon. The mystery surrounding the lake adds to the nostalgia.

  9. Blackthorn City: Finally, the Dragon’s Den awaits. Here, you’ll prove your worth to the Dragon-type Elite Four member, Clair. The ancient traditions and the wisdom of the Dragon Masters resonate with the past.

So, grab your Poké Balls, revisit these nostalgic spots, and relive the magic of Johto! 

Which Legendary Pokemon Await You in Johto?

In the enchanting Johto region, you’ll encounter several legendary Pokémon that evoke nostalgia and excitement. Let’s explore these mythical creatures:

  1. Lugia: This majestic Psychic/Flying-type Pokémon resides in the Whirl Islands. Its graceful presence and association with the Silver Wing make it an iconic figure. Lugia’s soothing cry echoes across the waves, captivating trainers who seek its power and wisdom.

  2. Ho-Oh: The legendary Fire/Flying-type Pokémon, Ho-Oh, graces the Bell Tower (also known as the Tin Tower). Its vibrant plumage and connection to the Rainbow Wing symbolize hope and rebirth. Trainers who climb the tower with reverence may catch a glimpse of this magnificent bird.

  3. Raikou, Entei, and Suicune: These three legendary beasts roam Johto, embodying the elements of lightning, fire, and water, respectively. Their elusive nature and dynamic appearances add an adventurous twist to your journey. Keep an eye out for them as they traverse the land, leaving awe in their wake.

Remember, these legendary Pokémon are not only powerful but also integral to Johto’s rich lore. Whether you seek their strength or simply wish to bask in their legendary aura, your encounters with them will be etched in your Pokémon journey forever!

To successfully prepare for the Pokémon League culmination, where the daunting Elite Four and the formidable Champion await, meticulous planning and strategic considerations are paramount. Here’s a detailed guide to help you navigate this challenging segment of your Pokémon journey.

Level Up Your Pokémon: Begin by ensuring that your Pokémon are adequately leveled for the trials ahead. Aim for a minimum of Level 55, with your powerhouse Pokémon ideally ranging between Levels 58 to 65. The key to success lies in cultivating a well-balanced party that can adeptly handle a variety of types and combat situations.

Stock Up on Items: Anticipate the challenges posed by the Elite Four by stocking up on essential items. Given that the trainers in the Pokémon League employ Full Restores, it is crucial to be well-prepared. Equip each of your Pokémon with the best HP-healing Berries to save valuable turns during intense battles.

Heal and Prepare: Before venturing into the Pokémon League building, ensure your Pokémon are in optimal condition. Head to the left side of the building to heal your Pokémon, and then visit the right side to purchase any necessary items. Be on guard, as your rival, Barry, will present a diverse team for a challenging pre-League battle.

Elite Four and Champion Battles: The crux of your Pokémon League journey lies in facing the Elite Four and the formidable Champion, Cynthia. The battles unfold in the following sequence:

  • Aaron: Dustox, Heracross, Beautifly, Vespiquen, Drapion.
  • Bertha: Quagsire, Whiscash, Sudowoodo, Hippowdon, Golem.
  • Flint: Rapidash, Infernape, Steelix, Drifblim, Lopunny.
  • Lucian: Mr. Mime, Bronzong, Girafarig, Medicham, Alakazam.
  • Champion Cynthia: Spiritomb, Garchomp, Gastrodon, Milotic, Lucario, Roserade.

Your Starter Pokémon: The choice of your starter Pokémon significantly influences your battle strategy. Depending on your initial selection:

  • If you chose Turtwig, be prepared for Barry’s superstar, Infernape.
  • If you picked Chimchar, face off against Barry’s Empoleon.
  • Opted for Piplup? Get ready for Barry’s Torterra.

Victory Road Awaits: After triumphing over Barry in the pre-League battle, proceed to the League rooms where the great masters of Johto eagerly await your challenge. Victory Road serves as the gateway to the ultimate test of your Pokémon prowess.

In summary, meticulous preparation, thoughtful strategy, understanding type matchups, and precise timing are the keys to success on your journey to claim the title of Pokémon Champion. Good luck, and may your Pokémon adventure through the illustrious region of Johto be crowned with triumph!

Who Plays a Crucial Role in Your Johto Journey?

In the captivating Johto region, Ash Ketchum’s Pokémon journey unfolds with several characters playing pivotal roles, each contributing to the rich tapestry of his adventure.

Ash Ketchum: Our determined protagonist, Ash, sets forth on his Johto adventure with an unwavering commitment to achieving the coveted title of Pokémon Master. Accompanied by his steadfast companion Pikachu, their journey involves collecting Gym Badges and gearing up for the Johto League competition, marking another chapter in Ash’s relentless pursuit of excellence.

Misty: Misty, the spirited Water-type Gym Leader from Cerulean City, reunites with Ash, bringing her aquatic Pokémon expertise and unyielding loyalty to the team. Throughout the journey, Misty proves to be an essential companion, contributing not only her battling prowess but also fostering a sense of camaraderie.

Brock: The rock-solid Pokémon Breeder and aspiring Pokémon Doctor, Brock, rejoins Ash and Misty, bringing with him a unique set of skills. His culinary expertise, nurturing nature, and knowledge of Pokémon medicine prove invaluable as he plays a crucial role in supporting the team on their Johto adventure.

Totodile and Chikorita: Ash adds two Johto starters, Totodile and Chikorita, to his diverse team. Totodile’s playful antics inject a lighthearted dynamic, while Chikorita’s determination enhances the group’s synergy. These Pokémon become integral to the evolving narrative of Ash’s journey through Johto.

Casey: A passionate baseball fan and emerging trainer, Casey, spices up the storyline by challenging Ash to a battle. Her unexpected alliance with Team Rocket introduces intriguing twists to their interactions, adding an element of unpredictability to the Johto adventure.

Legendary Pokémon: The Johto region is graced by the presence of legendary Pokémon such as Lugia, Entei, Suicune, and others. These mythical creatures not only test Ash’s mettle but also contribute to the rich lore of the Pokémon world.

As Ash and his friends traverse Johto, they are bound to encounter a tapestry of challenges, form enduring friendships, and witness the awe-inspiring wonders of legendary Pokémon. The Johto journey promises a blend of excitement, camaraderie, and legendary encounters that will undoubtedly leave an indelible mark on Ash’s ongoing Pokémon odyssey!

When Does the Farewell Ceremony Take Place?

In the captivating Johto region, Ash Ketchum and his friends embark on a memorable journey filled with Pokémon, friendships, and heartfelt farewells. The farewell ceremony occurs during the Pokémon: The Johto Journeys season, which originally aired in Japan from October 14, 1999, to July 27, 2000. This season follows Ash’s adventures as he collects Gym Badges in Johto, preparing to compete in the Johto League competition.

While the specific farewell ceremony is not explicitly mentioned, the entire season is a farewell of sorts—a nostalgic farewell to beloved Pokémon partners, memorable locations, and the Johto region itself. As Ash and Pikachu continue their journey, they encounter new friends, legendary Pokémon, and exciting challenges. So, keep watching to relive the magic of Johto and bid a fond farewell to this remarkable chapter! 

What Tips for Preserving Memories in Pokemon Let’s Go?

Here are three tips to help you preserve memories while playing Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee!:

  1. Catch Combos:

    • If you’re looking for rare Pokémon or Shiny Pokémon, catch combos are your best friend.
    • Each time you consecutively capture the same species of Pokémon, a combo counter will start to appear.
    • Chaining together combos has hidden benefits:
      • After a while, Pokémon you catch will occasionally have better stats.
      • You’ll start to see rare and evolved Pokémon spawning around you.
      • You’ll be more likely to find a shiny Pokémon!
    • Once you’ve started a streak in one location, you can travel anywhere in the game, and its effects will continue. So, explore different areas and build those combos!
  2. Secret Techniques:

    • Be sure not to miss the Secret Techniques.
    • These new moves replace HMs (Hidden Machines) and are essential for traversal around the map.
    • Obtain them by speaking to specific people in a few of Kanto’s cities.
    • While the Secret Techniques that replace Cut and Flash are hard to miss, the new moves for Fly, Strength, and Surf are hidden away in houses or with folks standing on the street. So, talk to everybody!
    • Check out the Secret Techniques page to see exactly how to unlock them.
  3. Different Ways to Play:

    • If you’re a 3DS or Game Boy fan looking to play your Switch in handheld mode, consider playing docked or tabletop mode occasionally.
    • By doing so, you’ll occasionally get a prompt that lets Pikachu or Eevee perform a devastating can’t-miss move that otherwise isn’t available to you.
    • Trust me, you’ll want to see it at least once!
    • If you have another Pokémon currently battling, you can also use this special move to temporarily buff that Pokémon’s stats.

So, go out there, catch ’em all, and create unforgettable memories in the world of Pokémon!


In conclusion, the Johto region stands as a vibrant backdrop to Ash Ketchum’s enduring Pokémon journey, filled with challenges, friendships, and legendary encounters. As we traverse the captivating landscapes of Johto, the dynamic cast of characters, including Ash, Misty, Brock, and new additions like Totodile and Chikorita, enriches the narrative, creating an immersive and unforgettable experience. The Johto adventure, fueled by determination and camaraderie, showcases the essence of what makes Pokémon journeys truly magical.

As we bid farewell to the Let’s Go series, the Johto region becomes the poignant stage for this final chapter. The Let’s Go farewell encapsulates the spirit of the Pokémon world, where each goodbye paves the way for new beginnings. The legendary Pokémon that grace Johto add an extra layer of mystique, testing Ash’s mettle and contributing to the ever-expanding lore of the Pokémon universe.

In the grand finale of Ash’s Johto odyssey, the echoes of victories, challenges, and the enduring bond between Pokémon and trainers linger. The Let’s Go farewell in Johto serves as a testament to the timeless allure of Pokémon, where the journey is just as significant as the destination. As we reflect on the adventures within Johto, the vibrant memories crafted within this beloved region will undoubtedly endure, reminding us that, in the world of Pokémon, farewells are not merely endings but the stepping stones to new and exciting beginnings. So, let the Johto legacy live on, and may every Pokémon farewell mark the start of another thrilling adventure yet to unfold.


Q: What makes Johto a significant setting in the Pokemon Let’s Go farewell series?

Answer: The Johto region serves as the poignant backdrop for the Let’s Go farewell series, contributing to the emotional depth of the farewell. Explore the unique features of Johto that make it a pivotal stage for bidding adieu to this iconic Pokemon series.

Q: How does the Let’s Go farewell in Johto impact Ash Ketchum’s Pokemon journey?

Answer: Discover the profound influence of the Let’s Go farewell in Johto on Ash Ketchum’s ongoing Pokemon journey. Explore the challenges faced, friendships formed, and the enduring legacy left behind as Ash and his Pokemon bid farewell to the Johto region.

Q: What role do legendary Pokemon play in the Johto farewell, and how do they contribute to the overall Pokemon lore?

Answer: Delve into the significance of legendary Pokemon in Johto during the Let’s Go farewell. Uncover their role in testing Ash’s mettle and enriching the expansive lore of the Pokemon universe, leaving a lasting impact on the farewell narrative.

Q: How does the Let’s Go farewell series encapsulate the spirit of Pokemon in Johto?

Answer: Understand how the Let’s Go farewell series in Johto captures the essence of the Pokemon world. Explore the themes of camaraderie, determination, and the emotional farewells that make the Johto region a fitting stage for bidding adieu to this iconic Pokemon series.

Q: What lasting memories and legacies does the Johto farewell leave for Pokemon enthusiasts?

Answer: Reflect on the enduring impact of the Johto farewell in the Let’s Go series. Uncover the vibrant memories crafted within this beloved region and explore how these farewells serve as stepping stones to new and exciting beginnings in the ever-evolving world of Pokemon.

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