After their intense ping pong match, Robert Downey Jr. confessed to feeling fear and nervousness, surprising fans used to his confident on-screen persona.

Surprisingly, post-match, Cruise didn't contact Downey Jr. for a while, leaving the latter puzzled by the sudden disconnect.

It turns out, Robert Downey Jr. is quite the ping pong enthusiast in real life, often challenging his co-stars to friendly matches on set.

Downey Jr. brought his Iron Man competitiveness to the ping pong table, giving Cruise a run for his money.

This encounter between Hollywood heavyweights was a unique form of diplomacy, fostering a different kind of camaraderie.

Despite the initial post-match silence, both Downey Jr. and Cruise have expressed immense respect for each other's talents and dedication to their craft.

Playing ping pong became a form of therapy for Downey Jr., helping him cope with the pressures of fame and Hollywood.

The ping pong match united them, but off-table experiences and conversations strengthened their bond.