A team of skilled artisans devoted over 200 hours to meticulously handcraft each flower on Selena's gown.

She collaborated with the designer to integrate specific blooms that carry personal meaning, crafting a symbolic tapestry.

Selena, a champion of sustainable fashion, wore a gown crafted from recycled materials, underscoring her dedication. 

This feature enabled Selena to interact with the audience by presenting them as gifts throughout the night.

Within the array of flowers, subtle references to Selena's previous works and career milestones were intertwined.

The gown's development involved a collaborative endeavor between Selena and the designer, showcasing her hands-on  fashion.

Tiny embroidered quotes that have been a source of inspiration for Selena throughout her life were intricately woven into the fabric .

Selena  choice of a design that celebrates both femininity and strength conveyed a powerful message to her fans.