A prince in Persia acquires extraordinary abilities from a mystical knife, unleashing mayhem and a curse that emphasizes the perils of changing destiny.  

Warrior Within

The Warrior, a darker-characterized prince, must overcome perilous terrain in order to confront the Dahaka, an unrelenting foe who demands skill in battle and cunning.  

The Forgotten Sand

A prince discovers the ruins of an old civilization in The Forgotten Sands, where he faces a cunning magician and learns of secret information.  

The Lost Crown

A mix of Metroidvania and Persia gameplay, The Lost Crown follows the prince on his search for the fabled crown, which holds the power to either cause chaos or restore equilibrium.  

Battles of Prince of Persia

Battles of Prince of Persia takes a fresh approach to tradition by fusing platforming with strategy, making the prince negotiate a battlefield that is laid out in grids.  

The Shadow and the Flame

In "The Shadow and the Flame" sequel, the Prince grapples with destiny, discovers hidden truths, and feels his inner strength surge. 

The Two Throne

In the dual gameplay mechanic of Two Thrones, which takes place in a broken country, the Dark Prince and the prince must confront their inner demons to decide their fate.  

Legacy Reborn

By fusing nostalgia with contemporary sensibilities, Ubisoft has brought the Prince of Persia franchise back to life, preserving its timeless appeal and bringing back the enchantment.