Actress Mia Goth faces legal trouble as a background actor accuses her of battery and wrongful termination, alleging she kicked him during filming. 

The Set

James Hunter, the background actor, lay on the ground covered in fake blood, enduring ants and mosquitoes. Goth was to run past him, but things took a dark turn 

The Kick

In a subsequent take, Goth deliberately kicked Hunter in the head with her boot. He felt immediate pain and stiffness in his neck. The aftermath was far from over 

Bathroom Taunt

Goth made fun of Hunter in the restroom, making him uncomfortable because of the dried fake blood on his robe—a joke that would ultimately transform Hunter's life.  

Banned from Set

Due to a concussion, Hunter was barred from the movie set and suffered from migraines and nightmares, which sparked a legal dispute.  

A24 Films and Wrongful Termination

Hunter filed a civil action against Goth, A24 Films LLC, and director Ti West. The trilogy’s final installment hung in the balance 

Mia Goth’s Legacy

Goth, known for her roles in the X film series, faced scrutiny. Her relationship with Shia LaBeouf added to the drama. The courtroom buzzed with anticipation 

The Verdict

As the trial unfolded, the world watched. Would justice prevail? The fate of MaXXXine and Mia Goth’s reputation hung in the balance