Kim unveiled a secret tattoo during an SNL night, surprising fans and adding a touch of mystery to her public image.

Despite her extravagant lifestyle, Kim vowed never to put a bumper sticker on her luxury Bentley, showcasing her unique blend of opulence and personal quirks.

Few know that Kim is fluent in Armenian, thanks to her heritage. This lesser-known fact highlights her diverse linguistic abilities.

Kim is an adept cook, often preparing Armenian dishes for her family, showcasing a side of her that's rarely seen in the media.

Kim has been actively involved in criminal justice reform, successfully advocating for the release of several non-violent offenders.

In addition to SKIMS and KKW Beauty, Kim has ventured into multiple successful businesses, displaying her sharp business acumen.

Kim's unwavering support for her family is evident in her close-knit relationships with her siblings and parents.

Kim is a staunch supporter of education and has worked towards increasing access to quality education for underprivileged communities.