Katy and Orlando Bloom chose the name "Daisy Dove" for their daughter, inspired by the beauty and symbolism of both a daisy and a dove. 

Daisy Dove received an outpouring of love from fans worldwide upon her birth in August 2020. 

Katy and Orlando are known for their environmental activism, and they ensured Daisy Dove's nursery was eco-friendly and sustainable. 

The couple introduced their daughter to the world via a UNICEF Instagram post, emphasizing the importance of ensuring a safe and healthy start for every child. 

Daisy is fortunate to have famous godparents, including Jennifer Aniston and Sir Elton John. 

Katy and Orlando are passionate about exposing Daisy to the wonders of nature, instilling a deep love for the environment. 

Daisy Dove is blessed with a diverse cultural background, with Katy being American and Orlando having British roots. 

As the daughter of a pop icon, Daisy already has an enviable collection of custom-made outfits from some of the world's top designers.