Top 5 Life-Changing Tips from Contra: Operation Galuga’s First Look – Prepare for an Extraordinary Adventure!

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Overview of Contra: Operation Galuga

Contra: Operation Galuga transcends the realm of mere remakes, presenting itself as a captivating reinterpretation of the original Contra narrative. The storyline unfolds on an island off the coast of New Zealand, chosen by extraterrestrial forces as a strategic base for an impending world-ending catastrophe. This edition serves as a remarkable compilation, showcasing the series’ finest mechanics and levels revamped to align with contemporary sensibilities. Our hands-on experience, navigating through three stages, solidified our conviction that Contra has unmistakably made a triumphant return.

While the essence of Contra’s narrative, revolving around the alien-controlled paramilitary Red Falcon’s quest to annihilate humanity and the resilient special marine unit destined to thwart them, remains inconsequential, it receives a significant upgrade in voice acting. The delivery is competent, aligning with the standards set by recent entries in the series, and occasionally injecting wit into the storytelling. However, the narrative tends to be long-winded, occasionally interrupting the seamless flow of action. A notable instance occurs in the second mission, where a prolonged conversation disrupts the intense rhythm of running and gunning, proving to be a minor drawback, especially when revisiting sections due to prior setbacks.

As you race through the heavily fortified Red Falcon base on a hoverbike, intent on locating its leader, a surprising encounter adds a unique twist. A disillusioned deserter, seeking escape due to the unsettling nature of the impending war crime planned by the group, momentarily distracts you. Despite the distraction, this deviation aligns seamlessly with the significant innovations introduced by Contra 3.

In this installment, pivotal events unfold mid-mission rather than solely at the conclusion, enhancing the dynamism and unpredictability of the action. An even more refined manifestation of this concept emerges later in the stage, featuring a mini-boss pursuing you in a customized war buggy, attempting to intercept your progress towards the fortress’s data center. This focused shift provides a refreshing respite from the preceding and subsequent bullet hell scenarios, presenting an equally formidable challenge.

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Navigating through the well-defended Red Falcon base on a hoverbike becomes an engaging experience as unexpected encounters disrupt the mission’s flow. The encounter with a deserter, disenchanted by the group’s extreme plans, introduces an element of unpredictability that, although distracting, resonates with the innovative spirit of Contra 3. This departure from the conventional end-of-mission events keeps the action dynamic. The stage further evolves as a mini-boss, maneuvering a tricked-out war buggy, attempts to impede your progress towards the fortress’s data center. This deliberate shift in gameplay serves as a welcomed departure from the intense bullet hell sequences, offering a challenging yet invigorating segment within the overall mission.

One notable feature making a triumphant return from Contra 3 is the ability to retain and switch between two distinct weapon pickups. This functionality allows players to safeguard a favored go-to weapon while strategically selecting a secondary one that may better suit the challenges at hand. The significance of this lies in the escalating danger and diversity of enemies encountered as you progress through the stages; having multiple types of weapons becomes imperative for survival.

In Operation Galuga, a novel addition enhances this dynamic – the ability to stack a pair of the same weapon, resulting in a powerful upgrade. These upgraded weapons exhibit enhanced capabilities, such as faster firing rates for machine guns or lasers that not only ricochet off enemies but also seek out new targets. However, the standout addition is the introduction of overloads. By sacrificing a weapon, players can unleash a potent attack tailored to the specific gun in their possession. For instance, enthusiasts of the spread shot will revel in its screen-filling overdrive attack, ideal for handling screens teeming with enemies or bosses featuring numerous shootable targets.

In Operation Galuga, players can once again revel in the strategic joy of retaining and swapping between two distinct weapon pickups, a classic Contra 3 feature. This mechanic proves indispensable as the game introduces increasingly perilous and diverse adversaries throughout the stages. Adding a new layer to this system, players now have the ability to stack identical weapons, resulting in powerful upgrades.

Upgraded machine guns boast rapid firing, while enhanced lasers not only bounce off foes but actively seek out new targets. A standout feature in this installment is the introduction of overloads. This innovative addition allows players to sacrifice a weapon to unleash a formidable attack, the nature of which depends on the specific firearm in their possession. For instance, aficionados of the spread shot can rejoice in its screen-filling overdrive attack – a perfect solution for screens densely populated with enemies or bosses featuring an abundance of shootable targets.

For enthusiasts of the early Contra series, the initial three missions of Operation Galuga will feel like a nostalgic journey. The first mission, in particular, mirrors the jungle assault of the original, featuring identical elements like watery ground and treacherous bridges that crumble beneath your feet.

The latter part of the third mission, involving a cliff climb leading to a base atop a plateau, evokes a sense of déjà vu, reminiscent of the inaugural mission. The second mission distinguishes itself with a high-speed bike chase, reminiscent of the more dynamic missions in Contra 3 or Hardcore. While the design differences from their older counterparts might not be immediately apparent, the vibrant and colorful makeover commands attention. The characters and stages strike the perfect visual balance, blending new shiny fidelity with old-school simplicity.

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Operation Galuga shares another trait with its predecessors: it’s challenging. With only three lives and three hits per life, players will find themselves restarting at somewhat challenging checkpoints regularly. Success in Contra has historically depended on fast-twitch responses and good old-fashioned level memory, and it appears that this remains true in the current iteration. Fortunately, players have the option to choose from multiple difficulty settings, providing a range of experiences for those seeking a less intense alien-shooting adventure.

For those yearning for a fresh Contra installment that stays true to the essence of its earlier iterations, your search ends with Contra: Operation Galuga. Whether you have fond memories of playing the original during its transition from arcades to home consoles, explored the more experimental sequels, or are entirely new to the adrenaline-fueled experience of navigating perilous terrains with your comrades, this game promises to offer the quintessential Contra encounter. It serves as the optimal means to relive the pure Contra essence without the need to unearth your NES from storage.

Mark your calendars as Contra: Operation Galuga is set for release on March 12, offering an exciting revival of the classic Contra vibe. If you can’t wait to dive into the action, a playable demo is already available, allowing you to get a sneak peek into the heart-pounding world of Contra before the official release date.

Missions in Operation Galuga

What does the first mission mirror from the original Contra?

In the original Contra video game, the first mission mirrors a variety of playing perspectives. These include:
  1. Standard Side View: The player moves from left to right, shooting enemies and avoiding obstacles.
  2. Pseudo-3D View: In this perspective, the player can move towards the background or left/right while shooting.
  3. Fixed Screen Format: The player’s gun is aimed upwards by default, and they can shoot in any of eight directions, including downwards while jumping.

The game features two protagonists: Bill (the blond-haired commando) and Lance (the shirtless dark-haired commando). They can play simultaneously, with one player controlling each character. The controls consist of an eight-way joystick and two action buttons for shooting and jumping. Interestingly, when the protagonists jump, they curl into a somersault instead of performing a conventional jump like in other games. The joystick not only controls movement but also aiming during gameplay.

Contra was a commercial success worldwide, becoming one of the top four highest-grossing dedicated arcade games of 1987 in the United States. The NES version was also critically acclaimed and commercially successful, earning the title of Best Action Game of 1988 according to Electronic Gaming Monthly.

When does a sense of déjà vu occur in the third mission?

In the third mission of Contra, a sense of déjà vu may unexpectedly wash over you. It’s like encountering a familiar scene, yet knowing you haven’t actually seen it before. This phenomenon catches many off guard, akin to a small brain “glitch” where two streams of thought collide.

Imagine this: you’re navigating through the game, and suddenly, you feel like you’ve been here before. But wait! You haven’t. It’s as if your brain stumbles upon a memory fragment that doesn’t quite fit the present moment. The phrase “déjà vu,” translated from French, literally means “already seen.” It’s an incredibly common experience—upwards of 97% of people have felt it at least once, with more than two-thirds experiencing it regularly.

Now, let’s delve into the fascinating world of déjà vu. Picture your brain as a bustling city with intersecting streets. During déjà vu, two different streams of awareness collide: recognizing the current situation while simultaneously feeling that it’s an inaccurate recollection. Crucially, you realize you haven’t genuinely seen this before. It’s like processing a sight twice—maybe you were distracted or your vision got obstructed. The second perception, immediately after the first, becomes the one you consciously experience, even though it feels unfamiliar because you weren’t aware of the initial encounter.

So, in the third mission of Contra, when you encounter that eerie déjà vu, know that your brain is dancing between familiarity and novelty. It’s a glitch in the matrix, a fleeting moment where time bends and memories play tricks on you. Enjoy the sensation—it’s like a glitchy warp zone into the game’s mysterious depths!

Why is the second mission distinctive in terms of gameplay?

The second mission in Contra stands out due to its unique gameplay mechanics. As our intrepid heroes, Bill and Lance, venture deeper into the alien-infested jungle, they encounter several notable features:

  1. Vertical Scrolling: Unlike the standard side-scrolling action of the first mission, the second mission introduces vertical scrolling. As our commandos ascend the waterfall, the screen moves upward, revealing new challenges and enemies. This change in perspective adds an exciting twist to the gameplay.

  2. Waterfall Climbing: The waterfall itself becomes a central obstacle. Bill and Lance must leap between platforms, avoiding water hazards and enemy fire. The combination of vertical movement and platforming tests players’ reflexes and timing.

  3. Enemy Placement: The second mission introduces different enemy patterns. You’ll encounter foes both on the ground and in the air. Some enemies cling to the waterfall walls, while others swoop down from above. Staying alert and adapting to these varied threats is crucial.

  4. Power-Ups and Weapon Drops: As always, power-ups appear throughout the level. Keep an eye out for weapon upgrades, rapid fire, and the iconic spread gun. Timing your jumps to grab these enhancements can significantly impact your success.

  5. Boss Battle: At the end of the waterfall climb, players face off against a formidable boss—the giant alien brain. Its pulsating attacks and vulnerability points require precise shooting and dodging skills. Defeating this boss unlocks the next stage.

In summary, the second mission in Contra offers a refreshing change of pace with its vertical scrolling, waterfall challenges, and unique enemy placements. It’s a memorable segment that keeps players on their toes as they battle their way through the alien menace!

Challenges and Difficulty Settings

How challenging is Operation Galuga?

Operation Galuga in Contra is a formidable trial for even the most battle-hardened players. It’s like navigating a treacherous labyrinth filled with relentless foes, cunning traps, and heart-pounding moments. Let me break down the challenges:

  1. Enemy Barrage: From the moment you step foot into Galuga, enemies swarm you like angry hornets. Alien soldiers, robotic terrors, and flying monstrosities converge upon you. Their bullets rain down, and survival demands split-second reactions.

  2. Platform Peril: The terrain is unforgiving. You’ll leap across crumbling bridges, dodge falling boulders, and cling to narrow ledges. One misstep, and you plummet into the abyss. The platforming sequences are a tightrope walk between life and death.

  3. Mini-Boss Ambushes: Just when you catch your breath, mini-bosses pounce. These oversized adversaries pack a punch. Whether it’s the menacing giant turtle or the laser-spewing alien, defeating them requires skill and pattern recognition.

  4. Vertical Ascension: Galuga isn’t content with horizontal challenges. It throws you upward, climbing precarious ladders while dodging projectiles. The screen scrolls relentlessly, revealing new threats. It’s like climbing a never-ending stairway to chaos.

  5. Boss Showdown: Finally, you face the alien mothership—a colossal, biomechanical monstrosity. Its pulsating core launches missiles, spawns smaller enemies, and tests your endurance. Victory here feels like conquering a cosmic titan.

In summary, Operation Galuga is a gauntlet of intensity, pushing your reflexes, memory, and determination to the limit. But remember, every defeat is a lesson, and every continue brings you closer to triumph. So grab your trusty spread gun, channel your inner commando, and brace for the fight of your pixelated life! 

When do players restart at challenging checkpoints?

In Contra, players face a unique checkpoint system that adds to the game’s intensity. Unlike modern games with frequent autosaves, Contra takes a more old-school approach:

  1. No Mid-Level Checkpoints: There’s no “restart from last checkpoint” option during a mission. If you perish, you start over from the beginning of the level. This unforgiving design demands precision and mastery.

  2. Restart from Save: Instead of checkpoints, Contra offers a “Restart from Save” feature. When you die, you return to the last save point. However, these saves are infrequent, often at the start of a new level. So tread carefully!

  3. Resource Management: The scarcity of saves forces players to manage lives and continues wisely. Every death matters. You can’t recklessly charge forward; each bullet dodged and enemy defeated counts.

  4. Balancing Challenge: While limited checkpoints can frustrate, they also promote skill development. Players learn patterns, optimize routes, and become more efficient. It’s a delicate balance—challenging but rewarding.

So, in Contra, every life lost is a lesson learned. The absence of checkpoints heightens the stakes, turning each mission into a high-stakes battle. Brace yourself, soldier—it’s a pixelated warzone out there! 

Contra, the iconic run-and-gun video game, is renowned for its challenging gameplay. Let’s delve into the features that make it a formidable test of skill:
  1. Limited Lives and Continues: In Contra, you start with a finite number of lives, and once they’re gone, it’s game over. Continues are scarce, adding pressure to each playthrough. Every death matters.

  2. No Mid-Level Checkpoints: Unlike modern games, Contra lacks mid-level checkpoints. If you perish, you restart the entire level. This unforgiving design demands precision and mastery.

  3. Fast-Paced Action: The screen is a chaotic battlefield. Enemies swarm from all directions, bullets rain down, and traps await. Reacting swiftly is essential.

  4. Tough Enemies: Alien soldiers, robotic monstrosities, and mini-bosses relentlessly attack. Some foes require pattern recognition and precise timing to defeat.

  5. Platforming Challenges: From crumbling bridges to narrow ledges, the platforming segments demand pixel-perfect jumps. One misstep, and you plummet.

  6. Unique Boss Battles: Each boss has distinct attack patterns. Whether it’s the giant alien brain or the alien mothership, victory requires strategy and reflexes.

  7. Vertical Scrolling: The second mission introduces vertical scrolling, adding complexity. Climbing waterfalls while dodging hazards tests your mettle.

  8. Weapon Management: Choosing the right weapon—like the iconic spread gun—is crucial. Losing it can significantly impact your chances.

  9. Adaptability: Contra surprises you with varied gameplay—side-scrolling, top-down, and even pseudo-3D perspectives. Flexibility is key.

  10. Hard Mode Differences: On harder difficulties, enemies move faster, fire more rapidly, and have additional HP. Dodging bullets becomes an art form.

In summary, Contra thrives on its punishing difficulty. It’s a battle of reflexes, memory, and sheer determination. So grab your controller, soldier, and brace for pixelated warfare!


In conclusion, this chat has provided insights into the upcoming release of Contra: Operation Galuga, offering a glimpse into its innovative features, nostalgic missions, visual makeover, and the enduring challenges characteristic of the Contra series. From weapon dynamics to the appeal for enthusiasts, we’ve covered various aspects, highlighting the anticipation surrounding this fresh installment. As fans eagerly await its release on March 12, the information shared here serves as a guide to what makes Contra: Operation Galuga a promising addition to the classic Contra legacy. Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the adrenaline-fueled Contra experience, the chat aims to pique your interest and invite you into the heart-pounding world of this iconic gaming series.


Q: When is the release date for Contra: Operation Galuga?

Answer: Contra: Operation Galuga is set to be released on March 12.

Q: Is there a playable demo available for Contra: Operation Galuga?

Answer: Yes, a playable demo is already accessible, providing a sneak peek into the game before the official release.

Q: What are the key features of the weapon dynamics in Operation Galuga?

Answer: Operation Galuga introduces innovative weapon dynamics, allowing players to stack and upgrade weapons. Overloads, powerful attacks sacrificing a weapon, are also a notable addition.

Q: How challenging is Operation Galuga compared to its predecessors?

Answer: Operation Galuga maintains the challenging nature of the Contra series, with three lives and three hits per life. Fast-twitch responses and level memory are crucial for success.

Q: How does Contra: Operation Galuga cater to enthusiasts of the early Contra series?

Answer: The initial three missions evoke a nostalgic journey, mirroring elements from the early Contra series. The game aims to provide a quintessential Contra encounter, appealing to both seasoned players and newcomers alike.

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