SystemizED School Management System

SystemizED School Management System (Proudly a Desktop application) works together with other apps like SMS Gateway , Students Portal system, Teacher Portal System and Smart Auto Responder. All these applications along with your website are linked together and work in a systematic way to perform a best job as needed not only by your school but also satisfies the parents and the students. A continuous journey of up gradation and troubleshooting for about 22 years has made the SystemizEd most popular in private as well as in Governments schools and colleges. PANRUM has also maintained a youtube Channel by the name of PANRUM’S HOUSE where learning videos of all our Desktop Applications as well as for Android Apps are available for respected users.

Welcome To Panrum Software Developers

The School Management Plus is running in more than hundards of schools since 2000. Much more updates have been added in this software as demanded by these schools & colleges. All the updates are provided free of cost to registered users. SMS Gateway is also available with this software which sends sms to the parents of the students. Using your Mobile services of low package, it send DMCS, dues letter, thanks letter of payments and any other infornations like school timming,starting exam’s schedule etc. The main pupose of every software should be to lessen your hard work and we have proved by this software that the accounts, examinations, registration, ledgers, cash books etc for about 1700 students in a school is dealed by One / Two Data Entry Programers only. We have provided a 30-days trial version with full-featured, so that new users can completely test the software. We are constantly upgrading the software and hope you will guid us to make the software best suit to your needs.THANKS.

Systemized Server

Download Systemized School Management System.

Systemized Client

Download Systemized School Management System.

Smart Auto Responder

Recieves Code and auto reply on the basis of the code.

Student Portal System

Download and install on Android phones

Tecaher Portal System

Download and install on Android phones

One Way To School

Download and install on Android phones

City Medical Complex

City Medical Complex Saidu Sharif Swat.

Shah medical complex

Shah Medical Complex Saidu Sharif Swat.


Who We Are?

PANRUM: Panrum extracted from the name of our village panr near Mingora swat started its journey since 2000 when there were a few private schools in the locality and was a complete ignorance of computer software knowledge. Our journey continued for about 22 years, more and more schools were established, their requirements increased with the passage of time and ALHAMDULLAH we fulfilled their every requirement with open heart and kept the software updated according to their needs. This made the software the most trusted one and easy to operate as it shared the experience of great thinkers among the schools. Slowly it became popular not only in the locality but throughout the country and is serving now for about more than 2700 plus schools and colleges.

Why Choose The Panrum?

We provide creative ideas against the requirements following the latest trends as we shares ideas of experts.

We have talented programmers to provide best coding practice in the development.

To satisfy the customers
our QA team do not
compromise on quality
and best services.

To supervise all the work, we have skilled management which provides best and trusted results.

The Panrum Services

Responsive websites as per latest trend.
The term Graphics Design encompasses a whole range of media services
Customized business solutions as per clients requirements.
Iphone and Android apps with web service connected to your website.

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